Assembly and Installation , Annual Maintenance Service , Glass System



Engineering & Civil Siamtechnic Group Co., Ltd.


- Mechanical engineering.
- Civil engineering.
- Structural steel.
- Annual maintenance services.
The details are as follows.
1. The pipe industry (Industrial Piping and Tubing). Air system, water pipes, oil pipelines, water supply systems.
2. The transport of materials (Material Handling and Transport). Assembly and installation of conveyor system (Belt Conveyor), bucket (Bucket Elevator) silo bins,. Vibratory Tray Feeder ( sheet feeder vibration ), Screw Feeder ( screw type ), Transfer and Chute Duct ( vascular transfer).
3. The assembly and construction of steel structures (Construct and Fabricate Steel Work). Steel furnaces, glass, steel structures generally. And the other one.
4. The installation of equipment (Machine Installation).
Electric Glass (Glass Forming Machine), a glass baking (Annealing Lehr) a glass scoop (Cullet Scrapper),. Industrial Fan (Blower and Cooling Fan), glass grinder (Cullet Crusher),. A hydraulic press machine (Hydraulic Press Machine).

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